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Day Camp
Day Camp

What to expect:

We offer an indoor facility that is safe, secure, climate-controlled, and fully sanitized where your furry companion can run free with other dogs.  We ensure that every dog who participates in day camp is non-aggressive, healthy, up to date on vaccines, and playful so you can feel confident that your dog will go home healthy, safe, and most importantly, tired!


All day campers must pass a temperament evaluation, a process in which we look for aggressive behavior and/or fearful tendencies.  If your dog is a fighter, biter, or instigates aggressive play that can lead to injuries, your dog will not be able to participate in day camp because we cannot put other dogs safety at risk.  We welcome shy dogs who have not had a great deal of exposure to other dogs and we will work with getting them socialized with other dogs.  Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate dogs who are excessively anxious or fearful of other dogs.  On your dogs first visit for their temperament evaluation we will need proof of required vaccines which include: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, and Parvo.  Puppies must complete their third round of puppy shots to attend day camp but are not required to have their Rabies vaccine until 6 months.  All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age to participate in day camp.  We also ask that your dog is currently on a flea control program.

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